Monday, October 10, 2011

Well, Well, Well...

It's always nice to start the week when Monday is already over! I'm all for a four day work week...Tomorrow I start my new position. I'm excited/nervous/really excited...I just hope I'm able to sleep tonight! Friday was a good day for banking but left little time for me to tell everyone at Wynn goodbye! (I'll be moving to the South Parkway branch)
So for all my friends at Wynn, Y'all were fun to work with...Y'all kept the work day fun. I appreciate everything y'all did for me Friday and I will truly miss working with everyone!

Friday at work we gave Cyndi a cute little "grandmother shower" and so i decide to make a cute little "stork bundle". I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out!

Between that and my other 400+ projects I have going on, my craft room took a beating this week.
I'm trying to focus on just one thing at a time...I have a million things i WANT to do but only a few hours at night after work to do them...Hopefully I'll finish all my fall/Halloween decorating projects in time to enjoy them.
Thank you Pinterest for creating an abundant flow in creativity...and work for a lack of time. ha!

Saturday we went to the game and I got to do a little shopping this time! I was super pumped about this sweatshirt I bought at this place called La Shea. It had some super cute stuff! I'm not going to lie, I might go back next home game. I didn't get a homecoming shirt this year and decided to buy this one instead.

My second fabulous find this weekend was this super cute tote! I got it off one of the street vendors near Tutwiler. I'm super excited to carry it to work!

Sunday I mostly cleaned and got caught up on things around the house. I'd neglected it all week and it showed.
And today Kyle and I just enjoyed the day together. I visited a sweet friend who just moved into their house! It's super cute and I'm so excited for them! Seeing their house made me what to start working on mine again. I've picked out the colors for the living room, kitchen, and bedroom and now I've got to find the time! Also my goal this month is to get some framing done! I only have a million things laying around to get framed. Working on that this month. Promise.

I hope everyone has a great week...I can't guarantee much blogging this week as I try to work on my little projects for fall! I'll post eventually!


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