Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why yes, the planning is going juuust great! Can't you see I still have all my hair?!

So i've neglected this blog for quiet some time now...Life have been just a tad bit hectic. However, wouldn't change it for the world. To all the brides to be out there, you give me hope that I will survive and be able to make it to the wedding. ha!
As just an update wedding wise...we've taken engagement pictures, bought round one of items for the church, finally finished renting things, and i'm currently working on having the invitations out in the mail by thursday...It's not the big things that I can't handle, renting tableclothes, picking out the cake or deciding what to serve at the reception, it's the little things...the "details" that make that day MY day.

Just a couple of pictures...
Round One of the wedding buying...

My little gift to myself...

wedding shoes!

So...that's the scoop on the wedding...Other things that have been happening in my life...FOOTBALL!! I love fall. I love fall clothing, i love the weather, the leaves, football, the coolness of fall, I just love everything about it.

Going back to Tuscaloosa for the weekends have been just about my favorite part about football seasn this year. You dont realize how much you miss something until it's gone. I love Huntsville, don't get me wrong, but there's just something about Tuscaloosa...the atmosphere, maybe...or maybe all the fun I had down there...who knows...But going back down there for home games has been a blast. i miss it...and you can ask kyle...I sang when we got down there and cried when we left that first home game weekend.


Home sweet home!

I can't wait to be back Friday...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The early years...

So while working on some wedding stuff I decided to take a break and do some blogging. I've recieved possession of kyle's baby pictures, and mine too, and they are too cute not to share with the blogger world.
So for all you curious poeple who are wondering what mine and kyle's kids will look like, here's you some baby pictures to help.

Why yes, we were cute children...i'm not too sure what happened! juuuustttt kiddding.

Seriously, last post for the day!

And the wedding parties begin!

So my first shower was a lingerie shower! My wonderful bridesmaids threw it for me and did a WONDERFUL job! I just wanted to share a couple pictures from that night.

The WONDERFUL food! It was amazing!

The wonderful hostesses!

The party guests!

We all had a great night with a lot of laughs! Thanks again to my wonderful hostesses and wonderful party guest for making the night so great!

"Why yes, i did graduate in May...noo, college, not high school"

So this was my first August not to go back to school...my first August not to by school supplies, no new clothes for school, no hauling 4 car loads of stuff to Bama to move into my apt. Yesterday had me down in the dumps just a little bit, realizing that my college career was over and that true adulthood began. Not that I didn't lovvve that paycheck i got yesterday...haha, but...

Then today (Thursday) is normally my Common Meal day at Wesley during the school year. Oh how I will miss Mrs. Simmon's rolls. For those of you who have no idea what a Mrs. Simmon's roll is...you're missing out in life. They are these yeast roll that are just buttery and delicious! I usually took down at least 4 every common meal. no joke. that good.

So this blog will be dedicated to my wesley group...whom i miss SO MUCH and The University of Alabama who i miss just as much.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Home Improvement 101

So...Kyle and I got a wild hair about 3 months ago to tile the backsplash in our (currently his) kitchen. "Great idea" i thought to myself...however...do you know how much it actually cost to hire someone to tile the backsplash in your kitchen? Well, I’ll tell you right now, you don't want to know. So of course, Kyle and I decided to do it ourselves. Our first DIY project (of this caliber!).

So we go to home depot...now mind you, this is May, right after I graduated and was settled in at home and my mind was free of finance and I was able to make easy decisions like, oh, I don't know...tile colors? Negative. Absolutely not. Fast forward to a week ago...and 3 Lowes trips and 3 hours of standing in the middle of the isle surrounded by tile, we finally decide on a color and pattern. I liked it in the store, liked it a little more after we laid it out on the kitchen floor...LOVED it when we actually started to put it up. Weird, right? Right.

So. As for putting it up, I have to give most...ALL of the credit to Kyle. He did it. I merely cleaned the tile after it was cut with the tile saw or after it was grouted. But i must say...If he ever has to find other employment, he can fall back on this tile thing. He really did a great job ladies and gentleman.

The finished product!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The first blog...

So I decided to try out this blogging thing...at least for a little while. My life is a little crazy ( and thus decided to blog?!) so I thought this would be a great way for people to kind of "keep up" with me. I should explain where the name of the blog came from...Leah and I were setting out on our porch a verrryyy long time ago in our lovely Bluff apt when Leah decided she wanted to start a blog. We were brainstorming for the perfect name and i mentioned "ding dongs and ho hos!" Well, naturally, leah laughed and said she was looking for something different. So we continued rattling off stuff until she found something she liked...but I always liked the ding dongs and ho hos...so i saved it for my blog!

As of today, I am graduated, almost married, and working. It's a huge change from where I thought my life would be a year ago. However, I'm happy. I wouldn't change anything for the world.

In May I graduated from the University of Alabama, roll tide. I have a degree in Finance and a minor in economics. I'm currently employed at Redstone Federal Credit Union. I haven't been there long but I love it already. The people I work with are great and I could have asked for a better place to find my first "big girl" job.

In June I turned 22. The big 2-2. Nothing to look forward to anymore...sad.

In July I mostly goofed off with Britney as we enjoyed the last few days of summer. We did the usual, pedicures, sleeping late, shopping, shopping...shopping? We had fun. I hope her last summer with me was great dispite all the craziness of finding a job, moving home, and planning a wedding.

I guess that would bring us up to date at August! So far, I've just started my job. I've been full time, 8-5 for a week. It's a big adjustment. I'm use to working odd-ball hours babysitting, or at the firm, or going to school. It's new and fun so far. Twenty years later, i may not feel this same way. ha!

Wedding plans are going well. My first shower is this friday night. My bridesmaids are hosting this one and I'm SUPER excited! More to follow soon. Kyle's excited to participate in something with the wedding other than the actual planning (like most boys) so i'm excited to get him involved in some of the showers.

I think that's all for this first post. We just tiled our backsplash in the kitchen so i'll post about that later.