Sunday, November 20, 2011

An anniversary Post

This blog post was actually started a week ago, however due to some technical difficulites, it never posted...allow me to continue:

Hello Blogger world! It's an exciting day in the Christian house! We made it through a year! Like it was hard...I mean, I have got the be the EASIEST person live with EVER! I am not type A at all, I am very laid back when it comes to getting my way, very know..super easy to be married to... ;)

We celebrated pretty low key this weekend...We headed to the Bama game yesterday and watched Bama play the last home game of the season. I got at little Christmas shopping done while I was down there...a little for me and a little for others! Today Kyle took me on a little scavenger hunt in order to get my was really sweet and funny. It's fun to see him get creative, I'm not the only one in the house who is...and would you know, he's a pretty good listener! I got a Silhouette Cameo! I'm super excited!! I've been playing with it all day! I can literally make anything now. Litereally.
Notice the "excited" face below.

And of course, a first year anniversary wouldn't be complete without eating some wedding cake!
Let me just tell you about this cake. My mother is a saint...why? Beacuse this huge round cake topper actually spent the past year at my mother's freezer. It managed to survived a week long power outage in April and yet another power outage in August because of a tripped circut. Amazing. And never once did she let it ruin. Did I tell you she was amazing? She is.

In case you missed it, Kyle bought himself a Big Green Egg as part of his anniversary/christmas/birthday/anniversary/Christmas, etc gift...No surprise there.

Some very exciting things going on this Christmas season. I'm singing in the Living Christmas Tree again! I'm very excited and if you want FREE tickets, just let me know! Also a dear sweet friend of mine is getting married new year's eve! I'm so very excited and I can't wait for her to tie the knot!
We've spent most of the weekend watching football and putting up Christmas decorations. It just might take me till December 25th to finish decorating the house. Ha! So much to do and so much to decorate.
When and if i do get everything put together, I'll be sure to share it with you!

Hope everyone has a good week!


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